Confine™ is a registered potassium phosphite based fungicide for post harvest treatment of russet skinned potatoes and potatoes intended for processing. It is registered to suppress late blight (phytophthora infestans) and pink rot (phytophthora enthroseptica) storage infection.

Confine™ offers a significant value to the producer. A one–time application of Confine™ provides effective disease management.

Easy to use
Confine™ is easily applied via spray nozzles over a bin piler or grading table, prior to storage.

When used in conjunction with best management practices, Confine™ provides excellent protection against pink rot and late blight. Any diseased or questionable produce should be culled prior to application of Confine™.

Environmentally friendly
Confine™ is registered as a reduced risk pesticide and has a very favourable environmental profile. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given Confine™ an exemption from residues.

Learn more about Confine™ and best management practices.

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Choosing Confine™
Ask your local dealer about Confine™.

Distributed in Eastern Canada by:
Agromart retailers (96KB) (Ontario and Maritimes)
Agricenters (Quebec)
Cavendish Foods & McCain’s (Maritimes)

Western Canada:
Sales and Technical Support: Omex Agriculture Inc.
Distributed by: Univar Canada Ltd.

Not all retail locations may carry Confine. Please check with
your local supplier regarding availability.

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